Wreath Builder Cards & Last Day of GIU Giveaway

Happy Friday Friends!

We have arrived on the final day of the GIU Giveaway. I hope you have enjoyed the cards I have so far shared with you. But no worries, I have seven (!!) more cards to share with you today! All of these are very simple, so I will keep my comments and instructions to the minimum, otherwise we will never get through today’s blog post. If you have any questions, as always please feel free to post below in the comment section and I will answer them by this weekend.

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Okay, now let’s get back to today’s cards. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wreath builder! It’s so versatile and it’s therapeutic to me. I get lost in stamping. And I don’t worry about anything else. And when I have a little more time, I can make all my stamped panels into cards.

As some of you know, I travel for work, so these are also super easy and fun to take along if I think I will have time in the evening. All I need is Mini Ink Cubes (because those are my favorites to stamp wreath builder images with), small stamps and a MISTI. Also, in my opinion, Unity has some of the most beautiful flower images in their Circle of Friends stamp set.

Let’s start taking a look at these cards. Here is what you will need for your projects:

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Card #4

Card #5

Card #6

Card #7

On this last card, you could stamp a regular square panel and after you are finish, you would cut it in the middle. Then you place one of the cut pieces on top and the other on bottom of a regular card.

I think this concludes our little card journey this week. I want to sincerely THANK YOU for stopping by and spending a little time on my blog this week and leaving so many wonderful and encouraging comments. Please don’t forget to comment for another chance to win today. I will post winners by beginning of next week (no later than Tuesday), so please check back to see if you won.

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Wishing you a wonderful and crafty weekend!



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8 thoughts on “Wreath Builder Cards & Last Day of GIU Giveaway”

  1. Your colors are amazing in these cards!!! I love the wreath builder set! You did a wonderful job this week! Thank you for sharing❤️

  2. I love your wreath builder cards. The pearls in the middle of some of the flowers were amazing. Your colors are so vibrant! I really enjoyed seeing your cards this week. I don’t have instagram.

  3. Your wreath builder cards are wonderful. Thank you for your time this week. I have subscribed to your blog and will look for you on Instagram.

  4. Very fun. I haven’t played with my wreath builder yet, but seeing your cards has inspired me to get it out and play. Just fabulous cards, so bright and cheerful, very fun, and great designs. Thanks for the inspiration all week! Great job!

  5. It was wonderful seeing all of the cards made from the wreath builder set. I just received the birthday wreath builder in today’s mail, so I can’t wait to try it. I especially like the ones that cover the whole card. That is a technique that I hadn’t seen before. Great week.

  6. Wow, lots of stamping going on here and I love it. I have bought the wreath builder & Circle of Friendship, but haven’t gotten it perfected yet. lol And I love wreath’s so I need to really just delve in one day to figure it out. These are all so pretty and I thank you for the inspiration today, and all week!

  7. Wow, you. created some amazing cards, really took the wreath building to a new level on some of them. My favorites are numbers one and seven. Than
    Thanks for a super week!!!!

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