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Hello Friends! 

Wow… welcome to the 2nd half of 2019! It seems I have been missing in action this year but I promise you I have not forgotten about you or sharing my projects with you. The truth is, I have not had a chance to craft because so much has been going on. Earlier this year, I decided to KonMari my house (if you don’t know what that means, I recommend this resource).

Aside from traveling and “Kon Mari’ng” my house, I started to feel really bothered by my food choices and how they made me feel. My doctor had already warned me that my A1c was higher than she liked and that pre-diabetics was my future if I didn’t make changes to what foods I consumed. So after a 6 week streak of travel was completed, I made the decision to continue changing my life. This led me to Bright Line Eating. The success rate of this program made me curious and deep down inside I knew, it was the right answer to solve my problems. Susan Pierce Thompson designed a susceptibiliy quiz for her readers to give them a better understanding of how they feel and treat food. If you are unable to tell yourself “no” and feel like you have failed yourself in regards to looking the way you want, I recommend you take the quiz here. Susan’s message spoke to me and I knew I had to give her program a try. I was ready, so I committed and can’t be happier that I did. If you want to know more about the program or have questions for me, post them below or send me a message at 

Moving on to the next change in my life this year… my family got bigger with this adorable four legged furry girl: 

Maggie in her usual form

Her name is Maggie and she is growing quickly. Having her around has not given me much time to do anything else except work, take care of her and keep all my other home responsibilities covered. She is a wonderful puppy with lots of energy and no time to waste.

Now that Maggie has her bladder a little more under control and she has learned how to communicate with her new family, I am hoping to share more projects with you in the second part of this year!

Now to the good stuff… This week starting Monday I will be posting a bunch of cards for Growing in Unity. If you stop by my blog and leave me a comment in the daily posts I will be releasing, I will be drawing two winners to receive 25 random Unity Stamp Company stamps. I will announce those winners by Monday or Tuesday the week after on my blog as well, so be sure to check back for your name.

Make sure to stop by and check out the cards and leave a comment. Good luck!!


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4 thoughts on “GIU Giveaway coming…”

  1. Welcome back. I have not been as active either and it is ok. Life happens. Congratulations on the puppy, she is adorable. Looking forward to seeing your card creations.

  2. Inspiring to read of someone making such positive changes to their life, not the least of which is becoming Mom to an adorable fur baby!
    Good luck with these endeavors

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