Split Negative Technique

Hello and welcome. Today I want to introduce you to the Split Negative Technique. Here are some of the items you will need:

    • Two different colors of card stock (light and dark) cut down to 1/4 of a page (I used black and white in my example)
    • A large stamp or a stamp that would look good in the center of a card
    • Embossing powder (you want the color to match your card stock)
    • Embossing Magic & VersaFine Stamp Pad
    • Heating tool
    • Some type of card stock to use for the background (I used metallic blue)
    • Foam tape (optional)

Let’s get started. Stamp your image onto the light colored card stock and emboss onto the darker card stock with a powder that matches the light card stock. I chose black and white as my colors.

Stamp on the ligher card stock with matching ink to the dark color card stock. Then emboss on the darker color card stock and use an embossing powder that will match the color the lighter card stock.
temp 5
In this case I used Memento Tuxedo Black ink on the white card stock and embossed with white embossing powder on the black card stock.

Once you have this part completed, cut one of the images in half. It does not really matter which one you decide to cut.

temp 5
Try to cut right in the middle of the image so the image will look balanced when you are finished.

Then align the cut card stock with the image on the other image. You can use tape or glue to adhere it, whichever you prefer.

temp 4

temp 2
Notice that my paper does not align correctly, which is why you have to cut the paper down once the pieces are adhered.

Once you have aligned and glued or taped the card stock together, cut the finished piece so all edges are straight. Then cut your background card stock to size.

temp 6

Then decide what sentiments you want to use and cut them out for the card. Here are the sentiments I decided to use:

Then assemble the card with all your pieces and use foam tape to adhere either your image or your sentiments (whichever you prefer). I also used a white textured card stock for my background on the card.


temp 6






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